Hello, fellow bloggers. Welcome to Teen Bloggers Unite. This is a website made for bloggers to share ideas with each other. As a new blogger myself, i had a hard time finding communities for Teens that love to blog. It’s really hard to find tips that are catered towards teens, and i want to change that. Teen Bloggers Unite is a community where us teens share tips on how to make our blog successful.  As i was searching i found out about 10 teen blogs that are very popular, and that made me think why aren’t there so many teens blogging? This is unexplored territory for most teens, and they forget how powerful a blog can be. When we all start blogging it is so confusing, because we don’t know what website hosts we should use, what kind of blogs to do, how to make sure our blog ranks up higher in search engines and so much more and to do these things for FREE! Almost every blog i have seen advises new bloggers to spend hundred or maybe even thousands, and i just think that’s outrageous. Teen blogging should be free until you feel the need to expand, and this is where our community comes in. Every week one of my coauthors or I will post tips, videos on how to start your blog, how to do custom logos, signatures, and so much more. I hope you are excited as we are for this community. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

– The Talk With Moi team


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