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How to create a YouTube intro using Panzoid

Hello Everyone! Today I’m going to be showing you how to create an Intro for your YouTube channel. I’m sure there are several ways to create a YouTube intro, but the one i use for my channel is Panzoid which is a website that allows you to create an intro or an outro for your YouTube channel. Panzoid is a bit simplistic, so if you want something a bit more sophisticated, i would suggest using Blender. Unlike Panzoid you need to download the application as well as a template. Blender is also a bit confusing to understand, so i would suggest watching some tutorials before attempting to create your intro.

So if you are stilling reading, you are interested in creating your intro using Panzoid which i truly think is a wonderful website. Let me just stop rambling, and let’s get started.

So the first thing you would have to do is go over to Panzoid. The first page should look similar to the page below.

Click on Community templates and see if you can find any templates that you like. I would suggest going here since clipmaker 2 only has about 5-6 templates to choose from.

Your page might not exactly look like this as they constantly update their template gallery.  As you can see from the picture above some templates like the top middle one are outros, so make sure you choose a template that says Intro.  For demo purposes i will just select a template. After you select a template it will take you to page similar to the picture below. On that page you can see the author’s name as well as some other templates they have created. To edit that template just click “open in clipmaker”.

Once you click on “open in clipmaker”, another tab will open and take you to clipmaker 2.

The page opens up with the folder icon already selected. Here is where you load up a project, save your project, as well as start over. (It is also highlighted by the white box in the picture below).

The tab highlighted by the red box is called basic settings. This is where you can change the video resolution. I would recommend that you don’t not lower the resolution to below 720p. 1080p is actually better since almost every YouTube video now offers 1080p. The next thing you can change under this tab is the frame rate. Again i would suggest changing the frame rate to 60, but 30 is also decent. The last thing under this tab is the video length. For an intro i wouldn’t suggest going over 7 seconds since the intro isn’t what the video is about and shouldn’t take a bulk of the time. Especially if people are watching a playlist you created. After the 5th video they’re probably going to get tired of your 30 second intro!

The “mountain” tab highlighted by the orange box is called Choose a scene. This is where you add elements to your intro such as the ground or the sky color. You can mess around with this. All you need to do is click “choose something else” and you are able to change the scene. If you click on outdoor, you are able to change the environment. For example you can make it dark and stormy. You can also choose blocks to get a customization block world.

The “cube” tab is highlighted by the yellow box. I don’t really have a name for it, so we will just call it the object tab. This is basically where you can customize the text. You can also add other things such as shapes and animated particles.

The “kaboom” tab is highlighted by the green box. This is where you can add a bunch of effects. Again experiment with different options and see what you like. By clicking the eye button you can preview your intro and see if you like it or now.

The “camera” tab is called Camera animation. This is where you can change the position, rotation etc of the camera. Play with the numbers until you see what you like. It’s okay  to just leave this tab and not mess with it.

The “music note” tab is called Audio track. This is where you can change the background music. If you are using someone’s music, make sure to credit them in the description of your video! This is very important. You can find Audio tracks in the YouTube Audio library.

The “download” tab is where you can render your video. Here you can choose your render mode. There are three options fastest, balanced, and quality. I would recommend you either go with balanced or quality. You can also choose the buffer size and encoding threads. Once you have done all of that click on “Start video render” . It should take about a minute or two to render depending on your internet speed and the render mode option. Once your intro is done rendering, you are able to download it.

Congratulations! You have made a YouTube intro, now all you have to do is take the intro file and add it before your video when you are editing. Simple! I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.


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