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How to make a YouTube channel art using Canva

Making a channel art can be confusing and for some virtually impossible. For starters what do i use to create my channel art? I don’t have Photoshop, also what are the right dimensions to use? Well i got the perfect solution for you Canva. In this blog post I’ll show you how to create a perfect channel art using Canva for Free. That’s right Free. So what are we waiting for? Let’s just get started!

A couple of months ago, I created a video on YouTube titled “How to create a channel art using Canva”. Now this little video is actually the most popular video on our channel, so i can see some people were interested in seeing how to create a channel art for their channel. If you search Youtube, you can see a lot of beginner Youtubers like myself trying to get used to all the different things you have to do in order to make your channel feel personal. So today i decided to create this blog post for those who like to read instead of watching a video.

For those of you who have a Canva account skip this part as i’m just explaining how to sign up for the website as well as the different things that are on the dashboard. The first thing you have to do is go over to Canva’s website which will look like the picture below. Then click on your preferred method of signing up. I just clicked on sign up using my email as the was easiest for me, but if you prefer to sign up using Facebook or Google plus go right ahead. Signing up should be pretty simple, just follow the steps that are shown on your screen.

Once you have signed up for Canva, login and it will take you to this page.

In order to create the Youtube channel art, you will need to click on more as shown on the picture above. Once you have done that scroll down until you see Social Media & Email Headers section. Under this section, you should see Youtube channel art.

Click on that, and it should open up a new window where you can design your own channel art.

When the new window opens it will have the layouts tab already selected. Here is where you can look through some pre-made channel arts. All you have to do is change the writing and add a couple of things and you are done. If you don’t really like any of those layouts or you want to create your channel art from scratch you have three options. The first option which i wouldn’t recommend is searching  for an image using the search bar and then enlarge that picture and use it as your background. Second option is to click on the background tab highlighted by the yellow box and down arrow. In this tab you can find some cool free background and an option to have any color as your background color. The third option is to click on the uploads tab highlighted by the yellow box and up arrow, and upload your own cool background. This is completely up to you. The workstation is the white area highlighted by the red box. There are two ways to add things to your workstation. The first way is by simply clicking on an item, and once it pops on the workstation to drag it to the desired area. The second option is to drag and item and place it on a desired area. Again both ways are completely fine, it just depends on what you prefer.

Once you have your background you want some text on your banner just click on T tab highlighted by the yellow box and down arrow and you will see lots of different text layouts highlighted by the purple box. You can also simply click on Add heading and then click on fonts highlighted by the yellow box and yellow up arrow to see the different fonts that are available. There are a lot of fonts on Canva, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that you like. You can also change the size of the font by clicking where the red box and red arrow are, and you can change the color of your font by clicking where the green box and arrow are.

The last tab i want to talk about is the elements tab which has one of my favorite options which is the free photos  option. The free photos options allows you to scroll through several free photos that you can use in your channel art. It also has other tabs such as frames,shapes,and lines. Click through each one and see if you can find something you like.

Once you are satisfied with your design click on the download option highlighted by the yellow box. An option to select the file type should appear. You have the option to download this file as .png, .jpg, .pdf(standard),and .pdf(print), for the Channel art download the file as a .png or .jpg. Canva recommends that you download it as .png and i would suggest as well you download it as .png because it’s a higher quality but the choice is up to you.

Creating your channel art using Canva is super simple. Using the stuff i talked about as well as using the search option to find things that you like; you can create a personal channel art that reflects what your channel is about. Remember to take your time when creating your channel, but don’t stress out too much. If you don’t like your channel art in 5-10 months you always have the ability to come back to Canva and change your channel.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions or suggestions for the next blog post let me know in the comments below. If you are interested in seeing the video tutorial i have the original video below.


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