Teen Bloggers needed

We are trying to find guest bloggers who are teens. Guest bloggers will have their post featured on our blog The Talk With Moi. Guest bloggers can blog on a variety of topics such as fashion, food, advice,lists etc.  If you are interested, please do email us. If you are not a teen, but do know a teen blogger reblog or share this post, so they can see.


14 thoughts on “Teen Bloggers needed

      1. Okay sure. The Talk With Moi is a blog run by teens from different countries. We try to blog about anything that might interest us from fashion to advice and lists. We are a currently looking for guest bloggers who will write an article for us. We will link your blog so that our readers can check out your blog. You can also link us back by doing a blog about your guest blogging experience or by just saying it it in your blog post.The goal is for our blogs to co promote each other a grow our audiences. As i stated earlier you can blog about anything you want. The only rule is that your blog should be more than 250 words unless it’s a poem. If you have more questions feel free to ask them 🙂


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